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Arrangements have now been completed for the Law School Legal Aid Bureau and the work will begin at once. The Bureau has been organized in connection with the work of Phillips Brooks House by the Law School Society, of which C. P. Franchot 2L. is chairman. A committee of twenty-five men has been chosen from those of high standing and those best fitted to give advice and assistance, thirteen from the third-year class and twelve from the second-year class. A temporary office will be established in the Prospect Union, in the room formerly occupied by the American Express Company. Beginning next Monday the office will be open every week day from 4 to 6 o'clock in the afternoon and from 7 to 9 o'clock in the evening until June 1.

Purpose of the Bureau.

It is the purpose of the Bureau to give legal advice, to draw up contracts, and other papers, and to appear in court in behalf of clients. The service will be free of charge, but the object of the committee will be justice, rather than charity. Before a case will be given full attention an effort will be made to discover its merits, that is, whether the person or persons in question can afford to hire counsel. The committee will be grateful for proper publicity, and asks that anyone who meets with deserving cases should inform them of it.

Tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock the members of the committee will meet for a discussion. Professor E. H. Warren '95 of the Law School and other lawyers who have had experience in this line of work will address the meeting.

Members of Committee.

The members of the committee by classes are: third year law--C. Bosson, of Boston; J. E. Dorsey, of Minneapolis, Minn.; R. S. Fillius, of Denver, Col.; J. Fine, of Princeton, N. J.; H. H. Gilman, of Winchester; G. Gleason, of Cambridge; R. S. Holmes, of Buffalo, N. Y.; H. H. Hoover, of Fort Bent, Mont.; F. B. Ober, of Lutherville, Md.; R. M. Page, of New York, N. Y.; S. M. Rinaker, of Beatrice, Neb.; H. M. Stephens, of Salt Lake City, Utah; F. S. Wyner, of Dorchester: second year law--L. Brewer, of Mayfield, Ky.; J. A. Daly, of Cambridge; G. K. Gardner, of Worcester; R. P. Goldman, of Cincinnati, O.; W. H. Greenleaf, of Grand Forks, No. Dak.; R. H. Holt, of Gardiner, Me.; R. S. Keebler, of Bristol, Tenn.; P. McCollester, of Detroit, Mich.; W. F. Merrill, of Skowhegan, Me.; W. F. Riddell, of Atlanta, Ga.; C. B. Rugg, of Worcester; K. T. Siddall, of Ravenna, O.

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