G. C. Curtis '96, Maker of Model of Great or Boston, Will Go to Hawaii.

In the interest of the University Geological Museum, G. C. Curtis '96, has been commissioned to go to Hawaii by R. W. Sayles '03, Curator of the Geological Collections. Mr. Curtis will start at once for Hawaii, where he will construct for the Museum a model of the great volcano, Kilauea. Professor T. A. Jaggar, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is now in Hawaii making a prolonged study of the same volcano.

Kilauea has been chosen for this model as a notable example of the Caldera type, in which eruption takes place through the welling up of molten lava. Mr. Curtis's model will be 12 by 8 feet in size, and on a scale of 1-1500, on which the figure of a human being would be about one-tenth of an inch in height.

Mr. Curtis is the pioneer in America in the art of constructing such models. In the University he was a deep student of geology and geography, and studied modelling with Professor Albert Heim, of Zurich, who is master in these models. The relief map of Greater Boston, belonging to the state, was made by Mr. Curtis, and is now in custody of the Agassiz Museum. He has made two models of coral islands which are among the chief attractions of the Agassiz Museum.

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