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Today the CRIMSON prints the second of the orders of the Navy Department relative to the student Naval reserve. The order is self-explanatory, dealing in further detail with the arrangements for the cruise. As stated in yesterday's paper, all those planning to make the trip should make written application at once to A. J. Lowrey '13, Holworthy 5.


1. In the execution of General Order, No. 19, the following instructions will be observed:

2. For the proper accommodation of the students they will be issued bags, hammocks, and ditty boxes. The students will furnish their own blankets, mattresses, and mattress covers. Suitable space will be provided for the secure stowage of their civilian clothes. On board they will wear uniform; but civilian clothes when on shore, unless on duty. The students will be required to keep their quarters in order. One or two mess attendants will be furnished to serve their meals and look after their mess gear, having duties similar to those of crew messmen.

3. Students from the same institution will be kept together, all embarked in the same ship unless their number exceed twenty. Two in each ship will be designated as first and second leader of the whole group, the designation to be made on recommendation of the collegiate authorities or, failing that, of the students themselves.

4. Instructions will be issued later concerning the details of the courses of training to be given. In order to avoid wasting time on subjects already familiar to the students, the training will begin where the second or third instructional year ends in the average course. In drawing up the schedule, the advice of the authorities of several institutions will be obtained as to the most profitable employment of the students.

5. As far as practicable and appropriate, regulations and orders for the midshipmen will apply also to the students on board. The officer from the Naval Academy accompanying the midshipmen will assist in the general training of the students also.   PHILIP ANDREWS,   Chief of Bureau of Navigation.

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