Class Day Ticket Designs

All Seniors possessing any drawing ability are urgently requested to enter the competition for Class Day ticket designs, which ends Monday, March 10. As yet no designs have been submitted.

Designs should be drawn in black India ink on white paper and should be 4 1-2 by 7 1-2 inches in size. The drawing should be distinct in order that the reduction may be good. Every design must contain the words "Harvard Class Day 1913" in prominent lettering. All designs must contain the following words:

(1) Yard tickets -- "Harvard Class Day, 1913. Admit one to the Yard 2-11 P. M. June 17."

(2) Stadium tickets--"Harvard Class Day, 1913. Stadium Exercises, 4 P. M., June 17."

(3) Memorial tickets--"Harvard Class Day, 1913. Admit one to Memorial Hall and Gymnasium 8-11 P. M., June 17.


A competitor who desires to vary the lettering of any design should communicate with R. B. Batchelder, Thayer 37, to whom all designs must be sent. The successful competitor will be given free tickets by the Committee. 1913 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE.