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At the last regular meeting of the Board of Overseers 84 degrees were voted to students who have finished their course of study, these degrees having previously been passed on by the College Office. The degrees voted were as follows:

A.B.--John Charles Palmer Bartholf, of Plattsburg, N. Y.; Talbot Coggeshall Chase, of Readville; Roger Weed Eckfelt, of Concord; Harrison Cooley Elling, of Virginia City, Mont.; Clarence Merrill Gordon, of Brookline; Warren Kimball Green, of Cambridge; Arthur Henry Hayum, of Kansas City, Mo.; Thomas Allen Jenckes, Jr., of Providence, R. I.; Benjamin Everett Lewis, of Tallahassee, Fla.; Tubert Hillhouse Loomis, of Bedford; John Albert Morris, of New York, N. Y.; John Stanley Parker, of Bedford; Charles Franklin Walton Jr., of Portland, Me.; Bayard Warren, of Boston. A. B. Cum Laude--Henry Sellers McKee, 2d, of Beverly Farms; Charles Gouverneur Hoffman (philosophy), of New York, N. Y. A. B. Magna Cum Laude--Lincoln MacVeagh (philosophy), of New York, N. Y.

Degrees Out of Course.

A. B., out of course--As of the class of '95, George Thomas Smart (honorable mention in philosophy), of Newton Highlands; as of the class of '08, Percy Gamble Kammerer, of New Bedford; as of the class of '11, James Placidus Morgan, of Beverly Farms; as of the class of '12, Jacob Aaronson, of Chelsea; Dennison Harvey Barrett, of Watseka, Ill.; Varnel Douglas Cole Beach, of Portland, Ore.; Robert Charles Benchley, of Worcester: Hubert George Emery (cum laude), of Philadelphia, Pa.; Hugh Nelson Fuller, S. B. 1911 (Emory College), of Atlanta, Ga.; Norris William Gillette, of Toledo, O.; Robert Williams Gray, of Belmont; Henry Alexander Libbey, of West Newton; Thomas Tonkins McCabe, of Jefferson Highlands; Alexander Ward Miller, of Youngstown, O.; Leo Gray O'Keefe, of West Lynn; Julian Robert Ottenheimer, of Cincinnati, O.; John Simpkins, of Beverly Farms; Joseph Lewis Weinberg (cum laude), of Cleveland, O.

S. B.--Gordon Freedman Gallert, of Brookline; Herman Stumpf Murray, of New York, N. Y.; Pompeo John Cyril Ughetta, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; out of course, as of the class of '12, William Coombs Codman, Jr., of Boston; Dhirendra Chandra Gupta, of Bengal, India; Henry George Wellman, of New Knoxville, O.; Robert Burdett Woolverton, of Fort Dodge, Ia.

Masters' and Doctors' Degrees.

A.M.--Alfred Wilson Bosworth, of Brookline; John W. E. Bowen, Jr., of Atlanta, Ga.; Arthur Harrison Cole, of Haverhill; Frank Frederick Covington, Jr., of Marion, S. C.; Carl Clinton Gardner, of Providence, R. I.; James Juvenal Hayes, of Evanston, Ill.; Robert Samuel Keebler, of Bristol, Tenn.; Rufus William McCulloch, of Atlanta, Ga.; George E. F. Sherwood, of Hillsdale, N. B.; Searcy Bradfield Slack, of La Grange, Ga.; John Coulson, of Cambridge.

Ph.D.--Guy Rodger Clements, of Chicago, Ill.; Donald Watson Davis, of Cambridge; Charles Edward Persons, of Renwick, la.; Albert Edward Rand, of Providence, R. I.; Clyde Orval Ruggles, of Winfield, la.; Reynold Albrecht Spaeth, of Mount Airy, Pa. D. M. D.--Berj Quarekin Chutjian, of New York, N. Y.; Joel Emmanuel Davidson, of Dorchester; Thomas James Giblin, Jr., of Dorchester; Thomas Edward McGreen, of Providence, R. I.; Harry Yeates Nutter, of Winchester. M. D.--Isaac Alcuzar, of Boston; Richard Dana Bell, of Somerville; Roger Paul Dawson, of Waterbury, Conn.; Otto Woodson Gresier, of Columbia City, Md.; Sterne Morse, of Brookline; John Josephs Murphy, of Taunton; Ralph Leavite Reynolds, of Waterville, Me.; George Edwin Eversole, of Seattle, Wash.; Hugo Oliver Peterson, of Worcester.

LL.B. William Goodwin Renwick, of Claremont, Cal.; Henry J. Bischoff, of Washington, Kan.; Roy Brackett, of Limington, Me.; Frederick William Branch, of Manchester, N. H.; Judd Ellsworth Dewey, of Moville, Ia.; Clarence Edgar Knauer, of Atlantic City, N. J.; Walter Leroy Nossman, of Cunningham, Kan.; Thomas Mitchell Phillipps, of East Hartford, Conn.; David Segal, of New York, N. Y.

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