Schedule of Tennis Matches for Today.--Results of Golf Trials.

Trials for the University tennis team will begin on the Jarvis Field courts this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Men who fail to appear within half an hour of the time scheduled for play will forfeit their matches. Courts will be reserved for all matches, but must be paid for as usual. Any men who expect to enter the trials and whose names do not appear in the pairings below, should hand in their names at once. Candidates for the University team should leave their names with A. J. Lowrey '13, Holworthy 5; and Freshmen with R. N. Williams '16, 12 Hawthorne street.

Matches arranged for today are as follows: at 2 o'clock--R. Morris '14 vs. D. A. Steele '13, J. C. Devereux '14 vs. A. J. Lowrey '13, W. M. Washburn '15 vs. E. H. Whitney '14, E. H. Woods '14 vs. E. R. Hastings '15; at 3.30 o'clock--E. S. Draper '15 vs. G. Sturgis '13, R. G. Vickery '13 vs. D. B. Buffum '14, H. A. Lawton '14 vs. R. H. Kettell '14, G. F. Plimpton '14 vs. M. A. Hofer '15, C. A. Hester '15 vs. W. W. Whitney '15, T. B. Lewis '13 vs. H. Wainwright '15, R. L. Whitman '14 vs. D. Kimball '15; at 4.30 o'clock S. Minot '13 vs. O. Williams '14.

Freshman Tennis.

The Freshman pairings for today are as follows: at 2 o'clock J. S. Pfaffman vs. F. S. Hyde, A. S. Peabody vs. J. Wooldridge, H. D. Holmes vs. W. F. Hunt: at 4.30 o'clock-- A. F. Doty vs. C. C. Felton, L. W. Devereux vs. L. Curtis, 2nd. R. N. Williams vs. W. Campbell. Freshman candidates who reported yesterday and whose names do not appear above will be expected to play tomorrow afternoon. The pairings for these matches will be announced in the CRIMSON tomorrow.

All contestants must report the results of their matches at the score card on Jarvis Field before leaving the courts.


Results of Golf Matches.

The results of the matches yesterday in the trials for the University golf team are as follows: S. E. Elliott '15 defeated F. M. H. Dazey '14; F. Sargent '15 defeated R. M. Baker '15; F. V. Burton '14 defeated H. De Courcy '15; E. P. Allis '15 defeated H. K. Caner '15.

The following matches will be played at the Oakley Country Club this afternoon: S. P. Griffitts '15 vs. A. A. Schulman '15, at 1.30 o'clock; B. Nichols '15 vs. R. B. Parker '15, E. B. Allen '13 vs. F. M. H. Dazey '14, and F. V. Burton '14 vs. T. H. Frothingham '13, at 3 o'clock