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Entries Must be Made by Saturday.--Rules Governing Personnel of Teams and Playing of Games.


The Leiter Cup scrub baseball series will begin next Monday afternoon on Soldiers Field and the games will be played off as fast as possible after that date. Entries may be made in the blue-book at Leavitt & Peirce's any time before 6 o'clock Saturday evening. At least twelve men and a captain should be enrolled on each team for no one except those entered can take part in the games. Individuals who desire to play will be assigned to teams if they sign the special blue-book at Leavitt & Peirce's, stating their preference for position.

The series will be conducted on the same basis as in former years. Play will begin with an elimination tournament, following which the leading teams will be formed into a league to play a round robin series. Individual cups will be awarded the members of the team winning the championship. All games will be played on Soldiers Field.

The following committee has been appointed to manage the series this year: D. C. Parmenter '13, of Gloucester; Q. Reynolds '14, of Montclair, N. J.; T. K. Richards '15, of Spokane, Wash.

Rules Governing Series.

Rule 1.--No team may have more than three men who have received class numerals in their Freshman year; and not more than one man who has received the University or second team letter, or letter from another college.

Rule 2.--Two balls, a mask and a chest protector will be provided by the University management for each game. One ball may be obtained by each captain at the H. A. A. Office in the Union before noon on the morning of the game. The mask and chest protector may be obtained at the Locker Building on Soldiers Field by signing a receipt, and must be returned immediately after the game. In case of default the captains are expected to return the balls.

Rule 3.--The games shall be played under the National League rules.

Rule 4.--The captains of the competing nines shall choose the umpire.

Rule 5.--Changes in the personnel of the teams will be allowed at the beginning of the round robin series; but they must be submitted to the managers of the series for approval. After the commencement of the round robin, no changes will be allowed. Failure to comply with this rule will mean the forfeit of a game for each change.

Rule 6.--The captains of both competing teams will be required to leave the order of their teams in the CRIMSON Office before 7 o'clock on the evening before the game. No changes will be allowed after that time.

Rule 7.--The captain of the winning team shall leave the score at the CRIMSON Office before 7 o'clock on the evening of the game, with the names of the players of both nines; otherwise the result will not be counted.

Rule 8.--All protests must be left in the CRIMSON Office before 9 o'clock on the day of the game in which they arise. All disagreements will be settled upon application to the management of the series.

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