Track Team to Compete in Second Meet of Year at Andover at 3 o'clock This Afternoon.--Entries.

The Freshman track team will meet Andover Academy at Andover in its second meet of the year this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Nineteen men together with managers E. Cunningham, Jr., '16, and F. P. Clement '16 will make the trip. Lunch will be served for the regular members of the team at the Varsity Club at 12 o'clock. The entire squad will meet in front of Memorial Hall at 12.25 o'clock.

The entries:

Track events: 100-yard dash--F. S. Allen, E. W. Mahan, W. Rollins; 220-yard dash.--F. S. Allen, E. W. Mahan, W. Rollins; 440-yard dash--W. J. Bingham, R. H. Delafield, T. R. Pennypacker; 880-yard run--W. J. Bingham, G. Lamont, F. Wheeler; one-mile run--S. C. Almy, W. Edgar, K. E. Fuller, W. W. Kent; high hurdles--R. G. Carter, J. O. Johnstone; low hurdles--F. S. Allen, J. O. Johnstone, W. Rollins.

Field events: running broad jump--F. S. Allen. J. O. Johnstone, W. Rollins; running high jump--T. P. Fowler, J. O. Johnstone; pole-vault--C. G. Haydock, L. G. Richard, H. M. Thurston; shot-put--R. R. Cowen, E. Mahan, W. Rollins; hammer-throw--R. R. Cowen.