A large number of delegates from all parts of the country are expected to be present when the Associated Harvard Clubs open their seventeenth annual convention in St. Louis this morning. An unusually elaborate program has been arranged by the Harvard Club of St. Louis, which will act as host for today and tomorrow.

The headquarters of the clubs will be at the Jefferson Hotel. The regular exercises will begin with the usual business meeting this morning, which will probably last until the middle of the afternoon, with a recess for luncheon. At 4 o'clock, the guests will be taken in private automobiles from the Jefferson to the Sunset Inn, which is beautifully situated in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, and where an out-of-door dinner will be served there at 7 o'clock.

In the evening, a musical play written especially for the occasion will be presented by the members of the St. Louis Club. The words of the play are by Eugene H. Angert, LLB, '99, and its title is "The Perpetual Student." The action takes place in Cambridge, the first act being laid in Harvard Square at 5 A. M. and the second in the Yard on Class Day. The composer of the music is Max Zach, formerly with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and a conductor of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

Program for Tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be largely occupied by a picnic on the banks of the Mississippi. Luncheon will be served and various forms of athletic games indulged in until the return at 5.30 o'clock.


The annual banquet will be held at the Jefferson at 7 o'clock, and among the speakers will be President Lowell, Gen. Leonard Wood, U. S. Army, M.D.,'84; Hon. David F. Houston, A.M., '92, Secretary of Agriculture; H. A. Seekley '96, President of the Harvard Club of Okiahoma; and Percy D. Haughton '99, football coach, who is expected to speak on the Yale game of last fall.

A large number of delegates from the Harvard Club of Boston left Wednesday morning in order to attend the meeting and the numerous class dinners which were held last evening.