Meals Cease on June 10 and June 14 Respectively.--Regulations to be Followed by Patrons.

Memorial Hall will close with dinner on Tuesday, June 10, and Foxcroft Hall with dinner on Saturday, June 14. In connection with the closing of accounts, the following rules will be observed:

Memorial Hall.

No extra orders or transient slips may be charged after June 3; beginning June 4, all single meals, all extra orders, and all newspapers, candy, and cigars must be purchase by cash. "Sign-offs," to take effect June 3, will be received up to 7.15 P. M. on Monday, June 2. Anyone who "signs-on" for regular board after that time will have to pay cash. No petitions for week-end allowances for Sunday, June 8, will be received after 10 A. M. Sunday, June 1.

Foxcroft Hall.

Men desiring to eat at Foxcroft Hall can do so by purchasing meals with coupons. These coupons will be sold in books of $5 each at the office in Memorial Hall, from 9.30 A. M. until 1 P. M. If purchased on or before May 31, they may be charged upon the term bills as "Extra Transient Charges, Memorial." After that date they can be purchased only for cash. Attached coupons in books can be redeemed at the Auditor's Office, Memorial Hall, from June 9 to 16, only during office hours. After dinner on Thursday, May 29, all charges for board, candy, and magazines at Foxcroft will stop, and purchases must be made with coupons.