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Men Should Get Badges In Athletic Office Between 8.30 and 9.30 o'clock.--List of Assignments.


All men who signed ushers' blue-books have been assigned. Those who did not get their badges Friday morning may get them this morning at the Athletic Office between 8.30 and 9.30 o'clock. No one will be admitted to the field without presenting his badge at the gate. Ushers should report at the Stadium at 1 o'clock.

Men should report at the stations to which assigned. Station "A" is at the bottom of the stairs, "B" at top of stairs, and "C" at the upper entrance. Section heads should check their men and be ready to report absences to division head usher. General assignment men will report to head usher. Men assigned to ropes must prevent all persons from passing under. Men on press stand will admit on press tickets only. All should keep to their posts until the meet is over.

Assistant Head Ushers.

Sections 13 to 17 inclusive, H. A. Andrews; sections 18 to 22 inclusive, F. A. Johnson; sections 23 to 27 inclusive, A. C. Munger; sections 28 to 32 inclusive, H. W. Wesman; sections 33 to 37 inclusive, A. Bullen.

Assignment by Sections.

Section 7, C. E. Cooley, first two rows. Section 8, L. B. Woodward, first two rows. Press Stand, C. E. Morris, J. L. Miller, M. M. Glick, E. W. Moses. Rope section 12, W. F. Cogswell, W. C. Hatch, F. T. Hertell. Rope section 19, N. L. Torrey, R. Vicario, D. Clark. Rope section 25, H. W. Birch, C. W. Birch, E. McLaughlin.

Section 13: Head, E. G. Fifield; (A) G. H. Durgin; (B) T. W. Swett, D. P. Nelson; (C) H. H. Hartwell, W. D. Foote. Section 14: Head, W. J. Dean; (A) L. C. Tyree; (B) P. H. Stafford, J. B. Stenbuck; (C) J. F. Evans, A. L. Lorenz. Section 15: Head, H. J. Brandt; (A) J. Bowen; (B) P. M. Symonds, J. A. Garvey; (C) E. A. Roberts, M. Taylor. Section 16: Head, R. M. Rogers; (A) D. Lewis; (B) F. S. Welsh, A. W. Poole; (C) J. H. Waring, C. J. Murphy. Section 17: Head, A. B. Cypert; (A) H. S. Keelan; (B) M. T. Fisher, B. P. Hurst; (C) W. O. Taylor, T. J. Reed. Section 18: Head, J. S. Wood; (A) M. S. Cohen; (B) J. H. Harwood, R. F. Foster; (C) J. F. Walsh, A. H. Sullwin. Section 19: Head: B. H. Williams; (A) J. E. Farley; (B) R. F. Keehn, D. R. Arnold; (C) P. H. Bunker, J. Ansell. Section 20: Head, L. H. Meade; (A) A. S. Hyman; (B) P. Barnet, E. S. Sullivan; (C) H. R. Sanford; H. H. Williams. Section 21: Head, K. A. Schlademann; (A) I. Rabinovitz; (B) J. P. Jewell, W. F. Carlson; (C) R. W. Chadbourn, E. T. Haley. Section 22: Head, T. E. Alcorn; (A) T. C. Bookhout; (B) E. B. Danforth, A. T. McKay; (C) J. D. Ryan, R. Coggeshall. Section 23: Head, P. E. Sloane; (A) E. Davison; (B) W. N. Hewitt, R. Meade; (C) B. H. Knollenberg, J. G. Walcott. Section 24: Head, G. P. Davis; (A) W. Wright; (B) H. Benedict, S. J. Beck; (C) P. S. Blumberg, W. Berman. Section 25: Head, P. M. Hollister; (A) J. L. Borawsky; (B) A. M. Boal, H. R. Anderson: (C) S. Klein M. H. Phillips. Section 26: Head, A. J. Lowrey; (A) R. Jackson; (B) A. S. Harris, F. E. Snell; (C) N. Yamins, L. B. Arey. Section 27: Head, C. B. Rhoads; (A) C. G. Freese; (B) E. R. Schaeffer, A. J. Jobin; (C) W. B. Sloane, S. F. Wythe. Section 28: Head, P. B. Potter; (A) L. Wheeler; (B) F. B. Goertner, L. O. Wright; (C) J. Spear, J. Sisson. Section 29: Head, M. Albach (A); A. Deutschmann; (B) E. Backup, A. B. Haw; (C) H. G. Smith, W. B. Harris. Section 30: Head, J. B. Donovan; (A) J. Lorenz; (B) H. Swan, D. White; (C) H. S. King, D. W. Creeden. Section 31: Head, C. H. Woodard, (A) D. Sagor; (B) S. A. Peters, R. B. Ladoo; (C) S. B. Hyde. Section 32: Head, J. Myers; (A) H. Rogers; (B) N. B. Porter, J. C. Milliken; (C) C. C. Loomis. Section 33: Head, R. O. Brewster; (A) T. L. Kennedy; (B) M. Lavetts, W. Morgan; (G) O. W. Foss. Section 34: Head, R. S. Keebler; (A) M. Weisman; (B) H. F. Root, R. W. Nelson; (C) F. E. Richter. Section 35: Head, W. Breed; (A) C. Laporte; (B) E. A. Carter, R. Irvin; (C) F. P. Beal. Section 36: Head, G. J. Byrnes; (A) S. H. Schwartz; (B) I. Levin, J. Rose; (C) S. Kaplan. Section 37: Head, N. Dano; (A) F. F. Greenman; (B) J. R. Morton, B. C. Van Tine; (C) J. L. Phelon.

General Assignment: M. J. Wessel, L. Rabette, J. T. Coggins

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