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Crimson Calendar

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All notices for the weekly CRIMSON Calendar must be placed in the notice box in the CRIMSON Office on Fridays before 5 o'clock, marked "For the CRIMSON Calendar."

Monday, March 3.

2.30.--**King's Chapel Lecture on "Chapters in the History of Mohammedanism. IV. The Great Schism. Moslem Gnosticism," by Professor G. F. Moore, in King's Chapel, Boston.

4.30.--*Seminary of Economics. "The History of Syndicalism in France," by Mr. E. M. Kayden, in Upper Dane.

4.45.--Freshman Mandolin Club rehearsal in Trophy Room of Union.

5.00.--*Physical Colloquium. "Richardson's Application of the Election Theory to Thermo-electricity." II. Professor Hall in Room 25, Jefferson Physical Laboratory.

6.30.--Freshman Banjo Club rehearsal in Trophy Room of Union.

7.00.--Rehearsal of Pi Eta play in Pi Eta Theatre.

8.00.--**William Belden Noble Lecture. "Dante's Verdict on Life: its Significance and Value. VI. The Message of Dante," by Rt. Rev. William Boyd-Carpenter, in New Lecture Hall.

Tuesday, March 4.

4.00.--Meeting of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, in University 5.

4.30.--*Social Problem Lecture by President Eliot, in New Lecture Hall.

5.00.--**Episcopal Theological Lenten Service in St. John's Chapel.

7.30.--*Harvard Botanical Club. "Some Conceptions of Latent Characters," by Mr. O. E. White, in Conant 16.

8.00.--Territorial Clubs meeting in Assembly Room of Union. Address by President Eliot.

8.00.--Meeting of Indiana Club in Territorial Room of Union.

8.00.--Finals in Ames Competition.

Wednesday, March 5.

5.00.--Meeting of Faculty of the Graduate Schools of Applied Science, in University 5.

6.45.--*Lecture on "The Attitude of Jesus and Paul toward the Law in General," by Dean Fenn, in Parlor of Phillips Brooks House.

8.00.--*Gymnastic meet between University and Brown in Hemenway Gymnasium.

8.00.--**Dedication of new organ in Appleton Chapel.

9.00.--*Meeting of the Forum in the Union.

Thursday, March 6.

2.30.--*Lecture on Pathological Psychology. IV. Dr. Frederic L. Wells, in Emerson 27.

3.30.--Reading in Public Speaking 4, by Professor Winter.

4.45.--*Harvard Zoological Club. "Maine Explorations in the Gulf of Maine in 1912," by Dr. H. B. Bigelow, in University Museum 46.

5.00.--**Harvard Divinity School and Andover Theological Seminary. Preaching service, by Mr. Vaughan Dabney, in Andover Chapel.

7.30.--*Social Service Conference, in Phillips Brooks House.

8.00.--Pierian Concert at Boston City Club.

8.00.--*Lecture on "The Development of the Port of Boston," by Mr. Hugh Bancroft, Chairman of the Directors of the Port of Boston, in Emerson A.

8.00.--"Interpretations of Legal History," by Professor Roscoe Pound, in Common Room of Conant Hall.

8.00.--Meeting of Colorado Club in Territorial Club Room of Union.

Friday, March 7.

4.30.--Annual meeting of Harvard Officers Fund Association, in University 5.

4.30.--*Classical Conference. "The Dramatic Art of Menander," by Professor Port. "The Story of Telephus in Greek Vase-Painting," by Mr. S. B. Bruce, Jr., in Harvard 1.

5.00.--Meeting of Faculty of Medicine at Medical School, Boston.

7.30.--*Conference of College Students on the Ministry, in Andover Chapel.

7.30.--*Harvard Philosophical Club. "The Existence of Social Minds," by Professor J. E. Boodin, in Emerson C.

8.00.--**Harvard Engineering Society. Illustrated lecture on "The Present-Day Investigation of Terrestrial Magnetism and its Practical Application," by Lloyd W. Weed, in Common Room of Conant Hall.

8.00.--Romance Seminary. Meeting in Upper Warren House.

Saturday, March 8.

Last day in second half-year upon which students may drop courses of study that begin in second half-year without liability.

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