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For the fourth time in five years the Harvard crews made a clean sweep of the annual boat races with Yale on the Thames at New London, on June 20. The University eight won by ten lengths in 21 minutes, 42 seconds; the University four won by eight lengths, and the Freshman eight by one length. In the preliminary races the day before, the University second four and the Freshman four won by about six and four lengths respectively over a mile course.

The University eights rowed the four mile course down-stream from a point opposite Red Top to the railroad bridge. The start was made at 3.45 P. M. with a favoring tide but a slight head wind. Yale caught the water first and took a slight lead which they held for a short time. Then the University crew rowing a slightly lower stroke began to pick up. Soon after passing the half-mile mark the University eight passed the Yale boat and was not threatened thereafter. Between the mile and the mile and a half flags the Yale crew made a spurt, which the University crew met successfully. After that the race was never in question. The University crew, rowing at about 32 strokes to the minute, drew away steadily until at the finish a slight spurt, which took the stroke up to 38, resulted in a ten length lead. Yale finished 38 seconds later at a stroke of 31 to the minute.

The University fours rowed the first race in the morning, starting up-stream from the Bridge to the two-mile mark at the Navy Yard. The water was smooth, but there was a cold rain falling. The two crews started together, with Yale rowing a slightly higher stroke, but by the time both had settled to 32 strokes to the minute the University crew had taken the lead. This lead was steadily increased until at the finish Yale was eight lengths behind.

For the third year in succession the Freshman eights furnished the most exciting race of the day. This year they rowed the same course that the four-oared crews had just been over. Both crews started together, but Harvard by using a slightly faster stroke obtained a slight lead which was gradually increased until at the mile mark Harvard was leading by a length. Yale then spurted and regained a quarter of a length, but at the end of the spurt the Freshman drew away again, and by spurting at the finish led Yale by a quarter of a length of open water.

The official times of the races were: University eights: Harvard, 21m., 42s.; Yale, 22m., 20s.; University hours; Harvard, 11m., 52s.; Yale, 12m. 11s.; Freshman eights: Harvard, 10m., 41s.; Yale, 10m., 45s.

The orders of the crews were: Harvard University eight: stroke, L. S. Chanler, Jr., '14; 7, G. F. Stratton '13; 6, A. M. Goodale '13; 5, G. M. MacVicar '15; 4, B. Harwood '15; 3, E. D. Morgan, Jr., '13; 2, F. H. Trumbull '14; bow, Q. Reynolds '14; cox., Captain C. T. Abeles '13.

Yale University eight: stroke W. W. Crocker; 7, W. J. Lippincott, 6, M. S. Denman; 5, E. W. Freeman; 4, J. H. Philbin; 3, F. L. Stephenson, Jr.; 2, Captain C. N. Snowden; bow, G. A. Gore; cox., P. Barnum.

Harvard University four; stroke, W. T. Gardiner '14; 3, H. A. Murray, Jr., '15; 2, T. J. D. Fuller '15; bow, L. Saltonstall '14; cox., A. T. Abeles '13.

Yale University four; stroke, P. C. Bryce; 3, G. Jenkinson; 2, A. M. I. Bugbee; bow, C. E. Allen; cox., C. G. Shepard.

Harvard Freshman eight; stroke, L. S. Chichester; 7, C. E. Schall; 6, K. B. G. Parson; 5, T. H. Potter; 4, D. P. Morgan, Jr., captain; 3, E. W. Soucy; 2, J. Talcott, Jr.; bow, A. T. Lyman, Jr.; cox., H. L. F. Kreger.

Yale Freshman eight; stroke, G. Gilfillen; 7, S. Low, 2nd; 6, J. B. Fitapatrick; 5, A. D. Sturtevant; 4, A. D. Ropp; 3, S. Nixon; 2, J. R. Sheldon, Jr.; bow, W. J. Stauffer; cox., A. McLane.

Harvard Freshman four; stroke, C. C. Lund; 3, J. W. Middendorf; Jr.; 2, H. S. Middendorf; bow, F. H. L. Whitmarsh; cox, W. F. Enright.

Yale Freshman four; stroke, Hume; 3, Schwartz; 2, Dickey; bow, Gaillard; cox., Gowrie.

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