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In an hour of fast scrimmaging yesterday afternoon the University eleven scored but 12 points on the second team men, who held their own more stubbornly than on Wednesday. The second team often held the first team backs to insignificant gains, and occasionally entirely prevented the execution of the offence's plays. The University, however, offered a sturdy and effective defence when the second eleven was in possession of the ball, and the second, unable to drill holes in the line, frequently resorted to kicking.

Although the low score was due largely to the improved and more systematic work of the second team, the first team's work suffered from the substitution of three new men in the very centre of the attack. Soucy, Weston and Cowen give bright promise of becoming valuable players after more experience, but the trio, at present, is too weak for the middle of the line, where the powerful drive of the first string men was missing yesterday.

Mahan, at halfback, again tore down the field for several long gains at various times,--one for 20, another for 25 yards. Rollins, last year's Freshman end, acted as halfback for a short time yesterday. Although he is accustomed to playing end, he handled himself well in his new position, where he carried the ball for several material gains.

Brickley's Drop Kick Fails.

At the outset of the play, the University received the kick and by consistent gains shoved the ball down to the second's 20-yard line, but just when within scoring distance McKinlock fumbled. Upon getting possession of the ball the seconds, unable to gain, kicked, placing the University on the offence. A long run by Brickley and two considerable gains by Mahan brought the oval within striking distance of the goal. On the 25-yard line a drop kick by Brickley swerved and failed.

After this failure to score by the University, the second, taking the ball on the University's 25-yard line, also tried a drop-kick which also went wide. Following this, a long series of bucks and plunges by the University terminated with Rollins being sent over the seconds' line for a score. The final score came as the result of a 40-yard run by Hardwick.

Frequent Penalties Inflicted.

The most conspicuous fault of the University was the propensity for offside play and for holding. Most of the penalties were received by the new men, who were too eager.

The second team was aided yesterday by E. S. Blodgett '11, a former linesman, who has been added to the coaching staff.

The University line-up, including the important substitutions, was as follows: l.e., O'Brien and L. Curtis; l.t., Storer; l.g., Cowen and Elken; c., Soucy; r.g., Weston and Mills; r.t., Hitchcock; r.e., Coolidge and Smith; q.b., Freedley, Logan, and Bradlee; l.h.b., Mahan and Wallace; r.h.b., Brickley and Hardwick; f.b., McKinlock and Rollins.

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