Series of Twelve to be Given on "Diseases of Our Domestic Animals."

At the request and with the co-operation of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Faculty of Medicine of Harvard University offers a course of free public lectures, to be given at the Medical School, Longwood avenue, Boston, on Sunday afternoons, beginning October 5, and ending December 21, 1913. The lectures will begin at 4 o'clock, and the doors will be closed at five minutes past the hour. No tickets are required. The series is entitled, "The Diseases of Our Domestic Animals."

Oct. 5.--"The protection of domesticated animals," by Professor Varanus A. Moore, of Cornell University.

Oct. 12.--"Our increased Knowledge concerning the nature of animal diseases," by Dr. George W. Pope, of the Bureau of Animal Industry, Washington.

Oct. 19.--"The dangers of live-stock traffic," by Professor Karl F. Meyer, of Philadelphia.

Oct. 26.--"Stable ventilation; with lantern-slide demonstration," by Professor James B. Page, of Amherst.


Nov. 2.--"Modern operative methods applied to veterinary surgery," by Professor Harvey Cushing, of Boston.

Nov. 9.--"The relation between human and animal tuberculosis," by Professor Theobald Smith, of Boston.

Nov.16.--"Protection of animals from infective diseases," by Dr. Charles H. Higgins, of Ottawa.

Nov. 23.--"The diseases and care of poultry and the pig," by Dr. Austin Peters, of Boston.

Nov. 30.--"The diseases and care of the dog and the cat," by Dr. Arthur W. May, of Boston.

Dec. 7.--"The diseases and care of the horse and the cow," by Dr. F. H. Osgood, of Boston.

Dec. 14.--"Rabies and glanders," by Dr. Langdon Frothingham, of Boston.

Dec. 21.--"The relationship between human and animal diseases in the tropics," by Professor R. P. Strong, of Boston.