The All-Stars, a team composed of former football players from the large Eastern universities, will oppose the Carlisle Indian eleven this afternoon in Fenway Park at 2 o'clock. The proceeds of the contest will be donated to the Children's Island Sanitarium, a charitable institution which has been doing excellent work for some years in caring for poor children.

The game promises to be close and interesting, the struggle of a team made up of men who are masters in the old-fashioned style of play against a fast, shifty eleven conceded to be a satisfactory exponent of the wide open game.

It is certain that no such number of prominent football men have ever played together as comprise the All-Star eleven. Captain H. Fish '10 and H. B. Gardner '13 have each had a group of candidates working with them for the past week. V. P. Kennard '09, whose field-goal beat Yale in 1908 by 4 to 0, and Pendleton, the star Princeton player will be at the ends. It would be hard to obtain two men better fitted for these places. Captain Fish and C. Blagden '02 will start at tackles, and either P. Withington or L. Withington will fill in at one guard, Bennett, captain of the 1912 Dartmouth team, playing the other. P. Grant '08, will be at centre, completing the strong rush line.

E. W. Mahan '16 may play one of the backs, with P. L. Wendell '13, and Philbin of Yale alongside of him. Gardner at quarter is splendidly equipped to direct the work of this extraordinary back field.

Carlisle was defeated by Brown last Saturday, but their playing in the last half was marked by the hardest kind of fighting, and two touchdowns were scored on the Brunonians.

Seats may be obtained at the gate at prices varying from 50 cents to $2.