What is Going on Today

12.00. -- Additional nominations for class officers by petition due.

4.30.--Seminary of Economics. "The Tin Plate Industry in Wales and in the United States." Mr. D. E. Dunbar in Upper Dane.

5.00. -- Physical Colloquium. On "The Joule-Thomson Effect in Air." II. Mr. P. H. Royster, Room 3, Jefferson Physical Laboratory.

7.00. -- Meeting of Professor Kirsopp Lake's graduate Bible study class in Phillips Brooks House.

7.00.--Dr. Fitch's talk to Freshmen in Phillips Brooks House.

8.00.--Mr. R. L. O'Brien '90. Lecture on Journalism in Territorial Club Room of Union.

8.00.--Lowell Institute lecture by Professor Walter B. Cannon M.D. on "Bodily Changes Under Emotional Excitement."

8.00.--Lecture by Professor Platner on "Some Aspects of Missions in Eastern Asia," in Andover Hall.

8.15.--Recital of Modern French and German songs. Mrs. Hanna Butler, John Knowles Paine Concert Hall.