Promising Squad of 25 in Regular Practice.--Schedule Announced.

The prospects for the University gymnastic team this year seem unusually good. A squad of twenty-five men, one of the largest on record, has been practising four times a week for three weeks. Seven of last year's team--Captain M. F. Gates '15, H. F. Ballantine '15, W. Campbell '16, S. Hall '16, R. G. McPhail '15, R. G. Nathan '16, and P. M. Symonds '15--are back again this year, and with A. B. Bruce '15, and M. Reynolds '15, who were on the squad last year, but ineligible to participate in the meets, and two of last year's Freshmen, D. Campbell '17 and R. L. Dodge '17, form an excellent nucleus around which to build.

The season's interests include an invitation interscholastic meet to be given in Cambridge on March 13. Twenty-five schools have been invited to participate.

The following schedule for the University team has been ratified by the Athletic Committee:


December 19.--Novice meet.

January 9.--Exhibition at Cambridge Y. M. C. A.


January 23.--Exhibition at Watertown High School.

February 6.--Exhibition at Boston Y. M. C. A.

February 13.--Exhibition at Andover.

February 27.--Meet with Brown at Cambridge.

March 6.--Exhibition at Exeter.

March 12.--Meet with Amherst at Amherst.

March 13.--Third Annual Interscholastic meet.

March 20.--Meet with Dartmouth at Cambridge.

March 27.--Intercollegiate meet.

April 3.--Exhibition at B. A. A.