Better-Balanced Team Defeated University Last Saturday.

The Amherst gymnastic team won the first meet of the season in the Hemenway Gymnasium on Saturday night by 30 1-2 points to 23 1-2. Captain Gates '15 of the University team was the individual star, winning three first places and one second, making a total of 18 points.

Harvard was in the lead up to the tumbling. In this event there was but one contestant for the University team and Amherst won all three places.

The summary:

Horizontal bar.--Won by M. F. Gates, '14; second, K. O. Shrewsbury, Amherst; third, tie between M. W. Bliss, Amherst and W. Campbell '16.

Side-horse.--Won by A. E. Ralston, Amherst; second, M. F. Gates '14; third, S. Hall '16.

Parallel bars.-- Won by M. F. Gates '14; second W. Campbell '16; third, K. O. Shrewsbury, Amherst.

Indian club swinging.--Won by W. M. Leonard, Amherst; second, H. M. Smith Amherst; third, R. G. Nathan '16.

Swinging rings.--Won by M. F. Gates '14; second, tie between H. G. Brewton and M. W. Bliss, both of Amherst.

Tumbling.--Won by E. T. McTernan, Amherst; second, S. G. Hubbard, Amherst; third, Leonard, Amherst.