Three Crews Were on River Again Yesterday.--Boats Launched From Shore, Floats Being Icebound.

The first three University crews practised on the river yesterday for the second time in the spring season. All the boats made four trips between the Stadium and the Cottage Farm bridges. Just now the emphasis is being laid upon a hard catch at the beginning of the stroke.

The other crews practised on the machines and took good runs to develop endurance. It is expected that a lane can be opened through the ice to the Newell Boat House for tomorrow's practice. If this can be done, it will be a much simpler matter to get the boats out.

Call for Coxswains.

More men are needed for varsity crew coxswains, since more boats will soon be put on the river. At present there are more crews than coxswains, so there is an excellent chance for any men with ability to make good. All candidates should report at the Newell Boathouse today at 3.30 o'clock.

The crews rowed as follows:

Crew A.--Stroke, Chanler; 7, Schall; 6, H. S. Middendorf; 5, J. W. Middendorf; 4, Harwood; 3, Reynolds; 2, Gardiner; bow, Murray; cox., Gallaher.

Crew B. -- Stroke, Chichester; 7, Soucy; 6, Parson; 5, L. Curtis; 4, Morgan; 3, Lyman; 2, Talcott; bow, Herrick; cox., Kreger.

Crew C.--Stroke, Pirnie; 7, Wilkinson; 6, E. Reynolds; 5, Saltonstall; 4, Kingsbury; 3, Carver; 2, Busk; bow, Storrow; cox., Sargent.