The Gymnasium Committee has had a successful year in increasing the fund for a new gymnasium, and submits the following report of its activities during the past year.

At the beginning of the year there were a large number of unpaid pledges left from the campaign of last spring. To aid in collecting these, postal reminders were sent out in December, shortly before the Christmas Recess, and a committee from 1917, consisting of G. A. Parsons, chairman, H. L. Sweetser, H. M. Bliss, C. A. Coolidge, Jr., E. A. Douglas, and H. Wentworth was appointed to canvass the Freshman class for pledges. An active week of campaigning by this committee netted $3,811 in pledges. Early in January personal letters were sent to those who had failed to respond to the postal card reminders, and a Sophomore committee was appointed, consisting of R. H. Stiles, chairman, S. M. Felton, Jr., and E. H. Foreman. A considerable sum was turned in as a result of this letter, and in February another set of postals was sent out.

Graduate Campaign Considered.

President Lowell was interviewed after mid-years concerning the appointment of a committee to carry on a graduate campaign and while it was decided to be inadvisable to start an active campaign among the graduates at that time, no objection was found to the formation of a graduate committee, which, however, has not yet been definitely selected. Another active 1917 campaign for new pledges was started at this time, and sub-committees from the three upper classes were formed to collect the remaining outstanding pledges. A large proportion of the pledges was collected by these committees. In April letters were sent to the delinquents of 1913, with good results, and late in May a final letter was sent to all delinquent undergraduates, urging them to pay before leaving College this June. Postal card reminders have been sent to Freshmen as their pledges came due.

Up to date the total amount collected has been $9,546.84; the expenses, consisting chiefly of printing, postal cards, stamped envelopes, and addressing and mailing, have amounted to $175.44. $120.30 has accrued in interest, leaving a clear balance of $9,491.71.