Francis Boott Prize of $100 Offered for Vocal Composition.

A prize of one hundred dollars, known as the Francis Boott Prize, is offered for the best composition of concerted vocal music by an undergraduate or member of the Graduate Schools. The money comes from a fund bequeathed by Francis Boott '31.

The composition must be for at least four voices and may be either with or without accompaniment. The text may be secular or sacred, but if sacred should be of the type exemplified by Cherubini and Mozart. The prize will be awarded only in case a composition is submit which the judges consider deserving.

The title page of each manuscript must bear an assumed name, and an envelope containing this name and the composer's true name must accompany them. These must be handed in to the chairman of the committee, Arthur Foote 6 Newbury street, Boston, on or before April 15.