Usual Monday Let-up Replaced by Long Scrimmage Followed by Another Yesterday.

The practice of the University football team during the past two days has undoubtedly consisted of the hardest work undergone this year. The usual Monday let-up was passed by, and that afternoon and yesterday morning saw the fiercest scrimmaging the squad has yet had.

The line-up Monday found Coolidge out with a bruised left arm, Horne out with a crippled hand, Parson out with a slightly sprained ankle and Thacher, Enwright, and Whitney still among the missing, but the remainder of the squad was to a man put through a long, gruelling scrimmage. Both days the University squad fought it out with Team A backs and Team B line facing Team B backs and Team A line and with the forces thus evenly distributed, there followed scrimmages which were marked more for their ferocity than for the scores made. In the two days of such work, a drop-kick by Mahan and a touchdown by Soucy after a blocked kick were the only scores made.

Short Practice Yesterday Morning.

Yesterday morning, after a half-hour of such a struggle, the seconds were called to the field, and another session started. Captain Mahan and King were excused from this, and McKinlock was also out with a turned ankle, but as a back-field, Horween, Rollins, and Robinson gave the second team defense about all the work it could handle, and a little more, for after 10 minutes of play, the ball was carried down the field in a long series of irresistible line smashes, and Horween finally took the ball across for the only score.

An encouraging feature of the play was the re-appearance of Gilman, who went in for a while at his old position of tackle, where he played a brilliant game.

Helping Coach Haughton's regular staff at yesterday's practice were F. J. Bradlee '15, R. T. Fisher '12, F. J. O'Brien '14, W. H. Trumbull, Jr., '15, and L. Withington '11.

The University team's first line-up against the seconds yesterday was as follows: Soucy, l.e.; Bigelow, l.t.; Cowen, l.g.; Taylor, c.; Dadmun, r.g.; Caner, r.t.; Harte, r.e.; Willcox, q.; Horween, l.h.b.; Rollins, r.h.b.; Robinson, f.b.