Chose Administrative Boards of Graduate Schools.

At a meeting of the Board of Overseers last Monday the following appointments were made:

Administrative Board of the Dental School.--Eugene Hanes Smith, Dean; Charles Albert Brackett '73, George Howard Monks '75, William Parker Cooke '81, William Henry Potter '78, Amos Irving Hadley '91, Samuel Tuttle Elliott '01, George Henry Wright '03, Leroy Matthew Simpson Miner '04.

Administrative Board of the Medical School.--Edward Hickling Bradford '96, Dean; Harold Clarence Ernest '76, George Gray Sears '85, David Linn Edsall, Reid Hunt, Robert Battey Greenough '92, John Lewis Bremer '96, Francis Winslow Ralfrey '98.

Administrative Board of the Graduate School of Medicine.--Horace David Arnold '85, Dean; Edward Hickling Bradford '69, Algernon Coolidge '81, Robert Williamson Lovett '81, Charles Locke Scudder '88, Frederick Taylor Lord '97, Walter Clarke Howe '98, Secretary.

Administrative Board for University Extension.--James Hardy Ropes '89, Dean; Josiah Royce h.'11, Paul Henry Hanus, Clifford Herschel Moore '89, Ernest Carroll Moore, Kenneth Grant Tremayne Webster '93, George Washington Pierce '99, Hector James Hughes '94, William Bennett Munro '99, Arthur Fisher Whittem '02.

Robert Williamson Lovett '81 was elected John B. and Buckminster Brown Professor of Orthopedic Surgery.

James Sturgis Pray '95 was elected Charles Eliot Professor of Landscape Architecture.

Lawrence Wills Baker '98 was appointed Assistant Professor of Orthodontia.

Arthur Norman Holcombe '06 was appointed Tutor in the Division of History, Government, and Economics.