Regulations Announced for Award of Nobel Peace Prize

Among the rules governing the nomination of candidates for the next assignment of the Nobel Peace Prize, recently made public by the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament, are the following:

"All proposals of candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize, which is to be distributed December 10, 1916, must, in order to be taken into consideration, be laid before the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament by a duly qualified person before the first of February of the same year."

Among others, the following persons are held to be duly qualified to make nominations: Members of the Commission of the Permanent International Peace Bureaus; Members and Associates of the Institute of International Law; University professors of Political Science and of Law, of History, and of Philosophy and Persons who have received the Nobel Peace Prize.

"The Nobel Peace Prize may also be accorded to institutions or associations.

"The grounds upon which any proposal is made must be stated, and handed in along with such papers and other documents as may therein be referred to.

"Every written work, to qualify for a prize, must have appeared in print.

"For particulars, qualified persons are requested to apply to the office of the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament, Drammensvei 19, Kristiania."