This is a time of rejuvenation and reawakened ambition. The second semester is under way; the last colored card is filed. With the start of the new scholastic season come new opportunities, both in the field of regular college work and outside the curriculum.

In the first classification there are many new and attractive courses which can be taken up. There is too great a tendency to do a minimum of work, and this tendency can be combatted by taking an extra half-course. The man who goes through College in four years and who takes only five courses his first year and four in each of his other three years, is wasting his time, unless his extra curriculum duties are unusually heavy. An extra half course, and it is not too late to start one now, gives a man a chance to stray from his chosen field of concentration; it broadens his college course; it may open up new worlds for him. Taking up new courses, if only for experimentation, is advisable. The man who can do four courses satisfactorily can do five courses equally well. It is noteworthy that few honor men content themselves with a minimum number of courses.

The man who takes four courses, unless his spare time is given up to work not connected with his college studies, is wasting his time and neglecting his opportunities.

He may feel he can carry but four courses successfully. Then, baseball, crew, track, lacrosse, in fact all the sports, all need men. Trials for the University debating team soon start. The various papers shortly issue a new call for candidates. With all these opportunities, there is no excuse for the idler.