Requirements for Entrance,--Durations and Costs,--Courses

The Summer Engineering Camp will open on Saturday, June 26, and will remain open for eleven weeks. Only those courses which are primarily for undergraduates will be given this year. There will be no courses for graduates.

The camp is located on the eastern shore of Squam Lake, New Hampshire, and comprises 700 acres of land, with living accommodations, class-rooms, and drafting-rooms for 150 students.

For entrance to the camp, a course in plane trigonometry and logarithms, equivalent to the admission requirements, is necessary. Any undergraduate in the College, in the Summer School, or in other educational institutions who is so qualified may be admitted to the Camp. Special arrangements may be made with other institutions in regard to special examinations and other details.


Charges for Term

The charges are $10 a week, which includes board, lodging in a tent, laboratory fees and instruction. The work requires the concentrated use of all the working day. The daily schedule is as follows: rising horn, 6 o'clock; breakfast, 6.25; working hours, 7 to 12, and 12.45 to 4.


Courses Offered

The following courses are offered, and may be counted towards the degree of A.B. or S.B. in the College: Engineering Sciences 4a hf. Surveying,--Use of instruments; plane and topographic surveying; levelling; map drawing and field practice. Five weeks, beginning Saturday, June 26. Professor H.J. Hughes, and Assistants. Preparation: Plane trigonometry and logarithms.

Engineering Sciences 4d. Railroad curves and location. Field and Office practice. Six weeks, beginning July 31. Professor H.J. Hughes and assistants. Preparation: course 4a, or its equivalent.

Course 4a and the first three weeks of course 4d, if both are taken in the same summer, may be counted as a full course.

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