H. A. Murray, Jr., '15 and F. W. Capper '15 on Athletic Committee.

The Board of Overseers have made the following elections Chester Noyes Greenough '98, as Professor of English, (previously assistant professor); Charles Henry White S.B. '97, as Professor of Mining and Metallurgy (previously assistant professor); Richard Pearson Strong as Professor of Tropical Medicine (re-elected); Edward Vermilye Huntington '95, as Associate Professor of Mathematics, (previously assistant professor).

At a meeting of the Corporation, notice was received of the election of Henry Alexander Murray, Jr., '15, of New York, N. Y., and Francis Whittier Capper '15, of Brookline, as undergraduate members of the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports for the second half of 1914-15, in place of W. C. Claflin, Jr., '15, and R. R. Ayres '15.

Mr. Oswald Garrison Villard '93, was appointed a member of the Harvard Commission on Western History. The resignation of Theobald Smith, A.M., '01, as Fabyan Professor of Comparative Pathology was accepted. It was further voted to grant leave of absence to Dr. G. T. Webster for the second half of 1915-16.

Scholarships Awarded.

The Virginia Barret Gibbs scholarship for 1915-16 was assigned to A. C. Walton, and the following other scholarships were also awarded: Austin scholarships in Architecture to K. J. Conant '15, and M. R. Rogers '16; in Landscape Architecture, to A. H. Alexander 1 G.S., and R. D. Cornell 1G. S.; the Joseph Eveleth scholarship to J. V. Wilson 1 G. S.; University scholarships, in Landscape Architecture to F. E. Allen, L. E. Foglesong 1G.S., and D. R. Fiske 1G.S., for special students, to G. E. Denham sG.S., S. Nesselroth, and A. H. Hutchason; the Francis H. Cummings scholarship to R. W. Blanchard '15; Bayard Cutting fellowship to F. C. Dietz 4G.; Rogers fellowships to A. G. Brodeur 4G., and A. L. Miller '11: Philip H. Sears scholarship to R. Demos; Robert Treat Paine fellowship to H. K. Dennis 1G.; South End House fellowship to W. W. Pangburn 2G.; William Watson Goodwin fellowship to G. R. Owens 1G.; John Tyndale scholarship to E. C. Kemble 2G.; Henry B. Rogers Memorial fellowship to T. H. Procter 1G.; Henry Lee Memorial fellowship to J. Viner 1G.; James Walker fellowship to V. F. Lenzen 2G.; Ozias Goodwin Memorial fellowship to J. R. Douglas; John Thornton Kirkland fellowship to J. B. Conant 2G.; John Harvard fellowship to W. B. Belknap 1G.; Edward Austin fellowships to S. C. Brooks 4G., S. H. Cross 2G., Z. C. Dickinson 1G., and A. P. McMahon 2G.; Christopher M. Weld scholarship to J. L. Moore 1G.; Willard scholarship to S. M. Salyer; Francis Parkman scholarship to A. Sachs '01; Leverett Saltonstall scholarship to J. B. Hubbard; Charles Haven Goodwin scholarship to P. P. Cram '15; James Savage scholarship to J. E. Anderson 1G.; George and Martha Derby scholarship to Y. R. Chao; Gorham Thomas scholarship to H. P. Lawther, Jr., 3G.; Scandinavian scholarship to A. T. Sunde; Thayer fellowships to G. Hanson, G. H. Livingston 3G., C. E. McCorkle, H. W. Richter 2G., and T. O. Wedel 1G.; George H. Emerson scholarships to L. L. Steele 1G., N. F. Hall, 2G., and H. E. Simpson; Shattuck scholarships to R. W. Brink 2G., L. M. Buell 2G., B. V. Crawford, A.M. '13, C. B. Dyer 1G., N. Miller 2G., C. N. Reynolds 1G., R. E. Rockwood 2G., and A. A. Shapiro 2G.

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