Track Team Starts from Square at 12.30 for Twenty-Fourth Dual Meet With Yale.

The University track team will leave Harvard square at 12.30 o'clock for New Haven where they will meet Yale in the twenty-fourth annual dual meet between the two colleges tomorrow.

They will take the 1.10 o'clock train from Back Bay and go straight through to New Haven where they will spend the night at the Hotel Taft.

The meet tomorrow may decide the ownership of the Harvard-Yale dual meet cup presented by the graduates of the two universities in 1909, which is to go permanently to the team which wins five out of a series of nine meets. Yale has already won four legs on the trophy and will get permanent possession of it if successful Saturday. The University has won two legs on the cup.

Tickets to the meet are now on sale at the H. A. A. for $1 each.

The men making the trip are: Captain F. W. Capper '15, F. S. Allen '16, A. R. Bancroft '17, H. R. Bechtel '17, A. Biddle '16, W. J. Bingham '16, W. M. Bliss '17, C. E. Brickley '15, J. B. Camp '15, H. J. Coolidge '16, R. H. Davison '17, J. W. Feeney '17, J. L. Foley '15, M. L. Greeley, Jr., '15, H. R. Hardwick '15, G. G. Haydock '16, L. C. Henin '15, J. O. Johnstone '16, W. W. Kent '16, A. T. Lyman, Jr., '16, H. Mahn '16, J. C. Merriam '16, H. W. Minot '17, B. Z. Nelson '15, M. Noble '17, T. R. Pennypacker '16, P. M. Rice '15, L. G. Richards '16, E. R. Roberts '16, M. P. Robinson '15, W. Rollins '16, H. W. D. Rudd '15, H. St. J. Smith '15, C. Southworth '15, H. S. Sturgis '15, E. A. Teschner '17, N. L. Torrey '15, R. Tower '15, J. H. Townsend '17, D. N. Trimble '15, R. T. Twitchell '16, W. Willcox, Jr., '17, F. B. Withington '15, W. T. Wright '15.