Doty and Wainwright Champions

The college doubles championship was won by A. F. Doty '16 and H. Wainwright '15 yesterday afternoon when they defeated D. Duncan '17 and H. R. Guild '17, 6-3, 4-6, 6-1, 6-3. The finals in singles between R. N. Williams, 2d, '16 and H. Morgan '17 was postponed indefinitely.

The following men won their THT for the first time by playing against Yale at Brookline on Saturday: George Colket Caner '17, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Augustus Flagg Doty '16, of Waltham; Warren Wilson Mansfield, Jr., '15, of Portland, Me.; William Rand, 3d, '17, of Rye, N. Y.; and John Wooldredge '16, of Pasadena, Cal.

The following had already won their letters: John Stacy Brown, Jr., '17, of Newport, R. I.; Laurence Curtis, 2d., '16, of Boston; and Captain Richard Norris Williams, 2d, '16, of Philadelphia, Pa. Richard Harte '71, of Philadelphia, has also won his letter, but has been playing baseball instead of tennis this spring.

The following Freshmen won their tennis letters by competing against Yale at New Haven on Saturday: Edward Benson Benedict '18, of New York, N. Y.; Edward Bernard Benjamin '18, of New Orleans, La.; Richard Clarke Cooke '18, of Newton Centre; Dwight Kenneth Dunmore '18, of West Newton; Lawrence Elmer Green '18, of Kansas City, Mo.; Captain Hooker Talcott '18, of New York, N. Y.