I. C. A. A. to Give Annual Medal

The Intercollegiate Conference Athletic Association at its annual meeting last December decided to use a part of its surplus beyond the fund necessary for working capital in the foundation of a medal to be given annually in each of the Conference universities.

This medal which is to be known as the Conference Medal," is to be awarded each year to the man graduating in the Senior class of each Conference university who through a course of four scholastic years' residence in the same university has the highest degree of achievement in his athletic as well as in his scholastic work. The award is to be made by giving equal consideration to both lines of endeavor.

The appointment, of the recipient of the medal is to be made by the President with the advice of the Faculty of each institution and it is requested that the award be made publicly with some fitting ceremony in connection with the spring commencement exercise.

The medal is being designed for the Conference by Dr. R. Tait McKensie of the University of Pennsylvania.