Where to Find Buildings

For the benefit of newcomers to the University the location of all buildings located outside the Yard and used for the purposes of instruction is printed below:

Andover Theological School, Francis Ave.

Astronomical Laboratory, Jarvis St.

Botanic Garden, Linnaean and Garden Sts.

Botanical Museum, Oxfort St., University Museum.

Divinity Library, Divinity Ave.

Geological Museum, Oxford St., University Museum.

Germanic Museum, Broadway and Quincy St.

Jefferson Physical Laboratory, North of Lawrence Hall.

Lawrence Hall, Kirkland St.

New Lecture Hall, Kirkland and Oxford Sts.

Music Building, North of Lawrence Hall.

Peabody Museum, Divinity Ave.

Pierce Hall, Oxford St., near Jarvis.

Rotch Building, Jarvis St.

Semitic Museum, Divinity Ave.

Warren Hous, Prescott St., Nnar Harvard Union.

University Museum, Oxford St.: Zoology, north entrance; Botany and Mineralogy, middle entrance; Geology, south entrance.

Zoological Museum, University Museum.