Five Medical Lectures in Union

A series of five lectures on popular medical subjects by eminent physicians will be held in the Union. These talks will include discussion of the care of the body and prevention of disease, from the standpoint of the average man. They will not be technical, but will deal in a plain straightforward way with the various problems which confront the individual in every-day life.

All lectures will be held in the Assembly Room on the second floor of the Union and will begin at 8 o'clock.

The list of speakers and subjects, and the dates arranged, follows:

January 18.--Dr. D. C. Greene '95, "Disorders of the Ear, Nose and Throat--Prevention of Colds."

February 15.--Dr. D. L. Edsall, "Food and Digestion."

March 8.--Dr. R. I. Lee '02, "Exercise."

March 14.--Dr. S. A. Hopkins, "The Care of the Teeth."

April 4.--Dr. A. Quackenboss, M.D. '92, "Use and Abuse of the Eyes.