Instruction in Boxing, Fencing, Swimming and Wrestling will be Given Freshmen.

Following the precedent established in 1909, a class in general athletics for Freshmen who are not candidates for any of the 1919 teams will be run again this year. The class is intended primarily to give an opportunity for exercise and development to men who are not out for any one organized team. It therefore aims to give general physical training rather than proficiency in any particular branch of sport. There is no expense attached to membership in the class and the very best of coaching is afforded the members.

A meeting of the Freshmen who intend to join this class will be held in the Smith Halls Common Room Friday evening at 7.30 o'clock. E.H.Clark '96, Assistant Graduate Treasurer will outline the plans and the men will be divided into squads of ten each, according to physical qualifications. No Freshman is barred from joining the class, but non-athletes will naturally derive the greatest benefit from participation in the general work.

Mr. Clark will have supervision over all work and Mr. Sullivan, of the H. A. A., will assist him in the management of the class. Each squad will meet on Monday. Wednesday, and Friday of each week from 4 to 5 o'clock in the Hemenway Gymnasium.

Mr. Waters, Physical Director of the Cambridge Y. M. C. A., will take charge of the swimming; Coach Anderson, ex-world's champion middle-weight wrestler, will coach the wrestling squad; Coach Leslabay will take charge of the fencing and Coach Foley of the boxing. It will be arranged so that a man may enter all of these divisions.