Religious History Subject of Lowell Institute Course.

The annual series of lectures, maintained by the Lowell Institute under the auspices of the Divinity School, the Andover Theological Seminary, and the Episcopal Theological School, is being given in King's Chapel, Boston, on Monday afternoons at 2.30 o'clock. The general subject is "The Religious History of New England," and the second lecture will be given next Monday afternoon. Admission is free and no tickets are required.

The schedule of lectures is as follows:

January 17.--"The Revolt against the Standing Order" and "The Unitarians" II, by Dean W. W. Fenn '84.

January 24.--"The Universalists," by the Reverend John Coleman Adams, D.D., of Hartford, Conn.

January 31.--"The Swedenborgians," by the Reverend James Reed of Boston.

February 7.--"The Quakers," by Professor R. M. Jones, Litt.D., of Haverford.

February 21, 28.--"The Methodists" (two lectures), by Dean W. F. Huntington, D.D., of Boston University.