Princeton-Lafayette Game to be Players at Princeton as was intended in Previous Plans.

Captain Black of the Yale football team will be unable to pay in the game with Virginia Polytechnic Institute today and will probably be out of the game against. Washington and Jefferson the following week. The injury to his leg received in the game with Lehigh last Saturday has developed an abscess and made it impossible for him to play. Sheldon has been given his position at left guard and Taft took Sheldon's place at left tackle, where he will probably be retained for the rest of the season.

Princeton will Play its Game

The Princeton-Lafayette game to be played tomorrow, was almost cancelled on account of the infantile paralysis scare at Princeton. The controversy has been settled, however, and the game will be played as scheduled at Princeton. The Lafayette faculty was anxious to have the game played in Easton and for this reason Dean a. K. Heckle and Coach Crowell were sent to interview the Princeton authorities. Princeton would not play at Easton, so the faculty voted to let the team make the trip, but prohibited may other members of the college from accompanying the team.

Brown Forms New Degree

The corporation of Brown University has instituted a new degree, that of Bachelor of Education, to enable "some persons who are now entering the teacher's calling without any college training to crown their normal school course with at lest two years of liberal cultural study, to be followed in most cases by a year of graduate study."

Coincident with announcement that the tuition fee had been raised to $175, announcement was made of an increase of $400 per year in the salary of each full professor. The minimum salary at present is $3,000 and the maximum $3,650. One of the objects in the raising of the $1,000,000 endowment fund in 1912 was to advance professors salaries, and the new figures represent the result of an investigation of the situation which has been underway by a special committee for about two years.