University Players Meet Tested Eleven. Andover Defeated Freshmen.

The University, association football team will hold a light practice today on Soldiers Field in preparation for the Princeton game tomorrow afternoon.

Coach Burgess is well satisfied with the condition of the University team. F. C. Diamond '19, Captain Daily '17 and H. S. Freedman '17 have been doing very promising work for the University and together with J. W. Feeney '17 form a very strong defence. E. E. Lucas '19 is the mainstay of the half-back line.

Princeton will have six veterans in the line-up which is the same as that which defeated Cornell in the first league game of the year.

The Princeton soccer team will arrive in Cambridge at 10 at o'clock tomorrow morning and will lunch at the Varsity Club before the game which will be played at 4 o'clock.

The University School of Cleveland football team will be the guests of the soccer team at the game.

The Freshman soccer team was defeated on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon by the fast Andover team two goals to one. Two extra five-minute periods were played in order to break the tie. Dennison played well and scored the only goal for the 1920 team. Allen and Gagnon made both the preparatory school scores.