Etienne Ranson,  H. Scholle '18 Gueroy,  R. W. Longyear '18 Jacques,  G. L. Howe '18 Andre Vareze,  E. Scott '20 Framie,  F. de Wolfe '18 Le Prefet,  R. H. Bassett '20 Genevieve,  Marion Graves 1918 Marthe,  Doris Halman 1916 La Baronne,  Mary Peabody 1919 Lucienne,  Priscilla May 1917

The first performance of the 30th annual production of the Cercle Francais will be given in Agassiz House, Radcliffe, this evening at 8 o'clock. The play to be presented is "L'Aventurier," a comedy in four acts by Alfred Capus, which was presented for the first time at Paris in 1910 by Lucien Guitry, the wellknown actor, who took the leading role. Conspicuous among the works of its author whose pen is famous for "Briguol et sa Fille" and other sparkling comedies, "L'Aventurier" is not entirely unknown in this country, having been produced in translation by the Cornell Dramatic Club and other amateur organizations. The production of a play by Alfred Capus this year makes the third successive presentation of plays of contemporary interest by the Cercle.

As its title suggests, "L'Aventurier" portrays the life of an adventurer whose character is sympathetically studied. Gueroy, a manufacturer in Paris, hears from Andre, a young politician, that there is to be a serious political crisis in Paris over disturbances in the African provinces, caused by a wealthy adventurer, Etienne Ranson, whom Gueroy learns to be his nephew--the blacksheep of the family. Ranson returns unannounced from Africa and after regaining the respect of his uncle, sacrifices his future to save his cousin Jacques from suicide. As a result the adventurer gains the hand of Genevieve. The play gives a well-drawn picture of French political life and although of a serious nature, it is relieved throughout by amusing dialogue and humorous situations.

As usual the feminine parts are taken by members of the Cercle Francais of Radcliffe. Under the direction of Mr. Edouard D'Armand, of the Conservatoire Nationale de Paris, the cast has attained the same high standard of dramatic expression that was reached last year in three short plays the Cercle produced in the fall as well as the drama, "Servir" produced in the spring.

A matinee performance of "L'Aventurier" will be given at Copley Theatre, Boston, on Wednesday at 2.15 o'clock. Tickets for both performances are on sale at Herrick's, the Co-operative Branch and the box office. The prices are 50 cents, 76 cents, $1 and $1.50.