Skating Rink on Jarvis Field.

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Through your columns I beg to suggest a plan which to me seems to contain some good for the student body. I propose that the College flood the Jarvis field tennis courts for the purpose of skating.

There is skating, good skating, on the Charles. Yet it is curiously true that comparatively few of us know anything about it. It is perhaps lamentable that a walk of five or ten minutes should deter us from using the river, but it does. The condition obtains except with greater intensity, as in the case of our tennis courts. If some afternoon during the tennis season you will walk to the courts on Jarvis field, and then to those on Soldiers Field, and compare the numbers using each, you will appreciate the inhibitive force of distance. I am confident that hundreds of fellows who feel it a nuisance to walk to the river and back, would be happy to skate on Jarvis Field.

Just as in the fall and spring, when many are using the gymnasium, hundreds of others prefer the tennis courts, so in winter, although the gymnasium is then less unobjectionable, cost of us favor the open air. There is something a bit unpleasant in the cold still air of the gymnasium. Out of door exercise is vastly more alluring and invigorating.

It is needless to expand upon the neces- will reach the masses of the students. It sity of some medium of exercise which seems to me that skating is such a medium, and that flooding and freezing of Jarvis field would be highly expedient and comparatively inexpensive method of attaining it. WILFRED B. FRIGA '16.