Takes Phi Beta Kappa Trophy for Grades of Students in Exams.

The Central High School of Springfield has been awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Trophy for the superiority of its students in the entrance examinations of the University for the second consecutive year. In the two years since it was first presented for competition the trophy has remained constantly in the possession of the Central High School.

The award was made as the result of the winning of highest honors in the entrance examinations by Leland William Smith '20 and Benjamin Kelson '20, both of Springfield, making an average of two out of a possible seven graduates of the school in the First Group. The honor list is smaller than usual this year because it is made up on a stricter basis, requiring an average of B in all the entrance examinations. The winning of the trophy for the second time therefore not only shows marked ability in the student but is a fine record for the school.

The Central High School with other Springfield schools, was recently awarded a shield by Dartmouth for high honors by its graduates.