Tickets for Dramatic Club Production on Sale Tomorrow.

Tickets for the three performances of the Dramatic Club play, "The Mission of the Dammed," will be put on sale tomorrow. These may be obtained at $1 and $1.50 each at the Co-operative Branch, Herrick's or from P. C. Lewis '17, Thayer 26. By applying at Thayer all undergraduates may get a 25-cent reduction on each ticket. The first two performances will be given the evenings of December 12 and 13 at the Hasty Pudding Theatre, and the final performance the evening of December 14 at Copley Hall, Boston. There will be dancing after each performance.

The complete cast has been announced as follows: Newman,  O. Watkins '19 Arthur Crimmins,  C. E. Morse '20 Wallace Miller,  P. M. Hamilton '20 Edna Holmes  Mary E. Marsh 1920 Miss Perkins,  Edith I. Coombs 1917 Waiter,  T. M. Hodgens, Jr., '20 Nelson Marns,  J. W. D. Seymour '17 Rosa,  Beulah Auerbach 1918 A jail matron,  Elizabeth Wheelock 1917 Hotel attendant,  J. C. Scanloh '18 Faith Stuart,  Louise Perry 1920 Reverend Frederick Holmes,  E. P. Goodnow '17 Quinlan,  G. A. Madigan '19 "Butch" Coughlin,  F. Hibbard '20 Silas Skinner,  F. C. Packard, Jr., '20 Joshua Skinner,  T. M. Hodgens, Jr., '20 "Old" Skinner,  A. T. Hill '20 Mrs. Tod,  Edith I. Coombs 1917 Ira Carpenter,  J. E. Pillat Sp

Reporters, mob, etc., Elizabeth Wheelook, 1917, Grace Wardwell 1917, C. P. Fuller '19, G. Baker '20, J. C. Scanlon '18, J. L. Tildsley, Jr., '19, O. Prescott, Jr., '20, D. S. Critz uC, K. Lewis uC.