Winning of Last Two Bouts Gave Match to University Matmen.

The University wrestling team defeated M. I. T. in the Technology gymnasium last Saturday night by the score of 19 to 14. The University came up from behind, and the meet was decided by its winning of the last two bouts.

The summary:

115-pound class, P. T. Loo (T.) won on decision from F. H. Dewart '17; H. L. Ettlinger '18 won on decision from H. Bone; 125-pound class, F. L. Davidson '17 won on decision from G. H. Stebbins; 135-pound class, L. A. Hoffman (T.) won on decision from R. B. Miller '18; P. Giles (T.) won on decision from H. P. Carter '17; 145-pound class, draw between H. B. Hull '16 and H. G. Morse (T.) in 15 minutes; 158-pound class, R. C. Cooke '18 won on decision from H. L. Wirt in 15 minutes; heavyweight class, W. B. Snow '18 threw E. L. Sache in 2 minutes 55 seconds by a cross buttocks.

Score--Harvard, 3 decisions, 1 fall, 1 tie, 19; M. I. T., 3 decisions, 1 tie, 14.