Bronze Tablet Erected in Cruft Memorial Laboratory

A new tablet has recently been placed in the corridor of the first floor of the Cruft Laboratory. The tablet is made of bronze, and contains the following inscription:

"This building was given by Harriet Otis Cruft, of Boston, in memory of her brothers, graduates of Harvard College, Edward Cruft, Jr., 1831--William Smith Cruft, 1834--Samuel Breck Cruft, 1836--James Jackson Cruft, 1846.


The Cruft Laboratory, which was finished over a year ago, filled a great need for a place of physical research and with its new apparatus is especially adapted for electrical experiments. Plans are now under way for the construction of a storage battery of 100,000 volts. The jars have been purchased, and bids have been received for the other materials, but the actual construction has not yet begun.