J. Lee '83, C. E. Johnson, and J. M. Brewer Added to Staff of Instructors.

The new pamphlet of the Division of Education for 1916-17 shows the appointment of three new instructors, the addition of eight more courses, and the change for one year only of six courses from whole to half-courses. The pamphlet may be obtained at University 2. Hereafter properly qualified Radcliffe students will be admitted to 12 advanced courses in Education. Education 9 hf. has been made a starred course.

The three new instructors of the Division are Joseph Lee '83, formerly a member of the Boston School Committee, and president of the Playground Association of America; George Ellsworth Johnson, former superintendent of schools of Andover and of Tewksbury and a member of the International Congress of School Hygiene; and John Marks Brewer, S.B., A.M.

The eight new courses are as follows: Education 14hf., Child Development, Assistant Professor Johnson; 15 hf., The Reorganization of Secondary Education, Assistant Professor Inglis; 12a hf., Play in Education, Assistant Professor Johnson and Mr. Lee; 12b hf., The Administration and Conduct of Play and Recreation in School Systems, Assistant Professor Johnson; 16a hf., Principles of Vocational Guidance, Mr. Brewer; 16b hf., Problems in Vocational Guidance, Mr. Brewer; 20h, Play and Recreation, Assistant Professor Johnson and Mr. Lee; 201, Vocational Guidance: Principles and Practice, Mr. Brewer.

The following, ordinarily full courses, will be given as half-courses in 1916-17, thereafter being given again as full courses: 3a, 3c, 20a, 20b, 20c, 20d.