Raising of Standard by Perfecting of Details Due to Zealousness of Committee.

The Senior Class Album will go on sale at Notman's, Leavitt & Peirce's, and the Co-operative Branch today. After 7 o'clock in the evening, members of the class may obtain the Album at Stoughton 19. The price is $6.00.

Prof. Greenough Reviews Album.

The 1911 Senior Album was such a great improvement upon any of its predecessors that the 1916 book, like the four immediately before it, has been able to make only small improvements. In the present case, however, these are so many that the 1916 Album seems much the best that has yet been issued. Mechanically, it is larger than its predecessors by twenty-three pages, it is bound in real leather, is better bound than its predecessors, and surpasses them in the execution of both pictures and text. The amount of attention, in fact, that has been given to minor matters of arrangement, mechanical execution, and proofreading is extraordinary. For example, the pictures of buildings are arranged as they would be met in a walk around the Yard and out from it by the most natural courses. The pictures of the Senior class--for most Seniors the principal feature of the book--have better back ground than before, and gain by being slightly reduced to show more of the figure. The proportion of pictures that has been secured--626 out of a possible 670--speaks for the vigor with which the committee has collected material.

Some features of the Album are the admirable dedication to Mrs. Eleanor Elkins Rice, the six views of the Widener Library, the Henley page, the two pictures of the Regiment, and the article on Drama and Music in the University. There are a great many new pictures, representing some new buildings and organizations, and also a more thorough search on the part of the committee.

To have improved so noticeably upon a standard that was already high is a really admirable business achievement and a great service, both to the present Senior class and to future classes. The committee in charge of the book has consisted of Samuel Morse Felton, Jr., '16, chairman, of Chicago, Ill.; Francis Grover Cleveland O'Neill, '16, of St. Louis, Mo.; and Robert Hewins Stiles '16, of Fitchburg. We congratulate them upon the result.