The final order of mid-year examinations has been made out and is printed below. Daily exercises in all courses will end on Wednesday, January 24.

Sixteen changes were made in the provisional schedule as printed before the recess. Engineering Sciences 6b was changed to Monday, January 29; Music 1 to Tuesday, February 6; Latin E to Friday, February 26; Social Ethics 15 to Monday, February 5; Economics 7a to Tuesday, February 6; examinations in Astronomy 4, Semitic 15, History 25, History 41, Psychology 10a, Zoology 10, Comparative Literature 27, Geology 7 and Zoology 12 were omitted, and examinations in Comparative Philology 2a and Slavic 2a were added. All examinations will begin at 9.15 o'clock except any that are announced for 2 o'clock, and must not extend over three hours. No student is permitted to take any books or papers into the examination room except by express direction of the instructor. No communication is permitted between students in the examination room on any subject whatsoever. A student who is not present within five minutes after the hour appointed for the examination shall not be admitted without permission of the instructor or of the officer in general charge of the examinations. Thursday, January 25, (V) Anthropology 14  Peabody Mus. Astronomy 1  Harvard 5 Chemistry 6  Sever 5 English 24  Sever 17, 18 Fine Arts 3a  Robinson 1 ft. Fine Arts 9a  Fogg Lec. Rm. Geology 4 New Lec. Hall, Harvard 6 Geology 10  Sever 6 German 2a  Sever 35, 36 German 26a  Sever 36 Government 9  Emerson D Greek A  Sever 30 History 2  Sever 6 History 23a  Sever 18 History 30a  Upper Mass. History 33  Upper Mass. Latin 15  Sever 30 Mathematics 22  Sever 29 Music 3  SeverSever 23, 24 Philosophy 17a  Emerson D Physics B  Zool. Lee. Rm. Physics 12a  Sever 30 Semitic 17  Sever 29 Spanish 4  Sever 29 Zoology 17  Sever 29

Tuesday, February 6, (XV)Celtic 3  Harvard 3Economics 7a  Harvard 6Economics 35  Harvard 3Education 16a  Harvard 3Engin. Sci. 3b  Robinson HallFine Arts 1a  Fogg Lec. Rm.History 21  Harvard 5History 55  Harvard 5Latin 3  Harvard 2Latin 7  Harvard 2Mathematics 27  Harvard 3Mineralogy 14  Mineral Lab.Music 1  Upper Mass.Philosophy 24  Harvard 2Psychology 12  Emerson 23Wednesday, February 7. (II)Anthropology 1  Sever 17, 18Botany 2  Univ. Mus. 29Chemistry 2  New Leo. Hall  Sever 30Comp. Literature 26  Emerson JEconomics 5a  Harvard 2, 3Economics 8  Emerson JEconomics 13  Emerson JEnglish 1  Sever 23, 24Fine Arts 1f  Pierce 304Fine Arts 20  Sever 37Fine Arts 5f  Fogg Lec. Rm.Geology 16  Zool. Lec. Rm.German 1a I, II  Sever 11German 21  Sever 11Government 27  New Lec. HallHistory 1Mr. Arragon's sects.  Zool Lec. Rm.Mr. Fuller's sects. E, F,  Sever 35Mr. Fuller's sects G, H,  Sever 36Mr. Newhall's sects.  Upper Mass.Mr. Wright's sects. C, N, O,  Harvard 6Mr. Wright's sects. P, S,  Harvard 5History 4  Sever 6History 19  Sever 29History 26  Emerson DHygiene 2  Harvard 3Mathematics A III  Pierce 209Mathematics 26  Pierce 209Meteorology 2  Geol. Mus. 43Music 2  Sever 29Philosophy 2  Emerson DPhysics 6a  Piierce 304Semitic 9  Sever 5Zoology 8  Emerson A, F.  Emerson DThursday, February 8. (VIII)Anthropology 8  Emerson AChemistry 9  HoldenEnglish 4  Emerson AFrench 23  Harvard 5German AProf. Bierwinth's sect.  Upper Mass.Dr. Burkhard's sects.  Harvard 6Mr. Brewer's sects.  Emerson DDr. Cawley's sect. 8  Harvard 3Dr. Cawley's sects. 6, 7,  Harvard 5Dr. Herrick's sect.  Upper Mass.Dr. Pettengill's sect.  Upper Mass.Dr. Schoenemann's sect.  Upper Mass.Mathematics 19a  HoldenPhilosophy 25  Emerson JSemitic 10  Emerson JSpanish 3  Emerson JZoology 14b  Emerson J2 P. M.Frnch AMr. Brown's sect. 1,  Harvard 5Mr. Parker's sect. 2,  Harvard 5Mr. Lincoln's sect. 3,  Harvard 6Dr. Hawkins's sect. 4,  Harvard 6Mr. Loss's sect. 5,  Upper Mass.Dr. Struthers's sect. 5,  Upper Mass.Friday, February 9. (VI)Botany 9  Harvard 2Chemistry 24  Harvard 2Class. Phil. 25  Sever 18Fine Arts 8c  24 Craigle St.Fine Arts 10b  Robinson HallFrench 2 X, XI  Harvard 6French 3  Upper Mass.French 16  Harvard 5German F I  Harvard 5German 18  Harvard 5Government 19  Upper Mass.History 27  Harvard 5History 29  Harvard 5History 59  Sever 18Italian 5  Harvard 6Latin A  Sever 18Psychology 10  Harvard 2Slavic 4  Harvard 3Saturday, February 10. (XII)Astronomy 2a  Astron. Lab.Chemistry 11  Sever 11Comp. Literature 6a  Sever 36Economics 6a  Upper Mass.  Harvard 2Economics 17  Sever 36Education 3a  Emerson DEducation 10  Emerson DEnglish 28  New Lec. Hall  Sever 6Fine Arts 5c  Fogg Lec. Rm.French 6  Harvard 5, 6German 29  Sever 17, 18Government 12  Harvard 6Greek 2  Sever 30Greek 6  Sever 30History 11  Sever 29History 15  Upper Mass.History A5  Andover BHistory of Science 1  Sever 35Latin 12  Sever 30Mathematics A II  Sever 20, 23, 24Mathematics 13  Sever 18Music 4  Upper Mass.  Harvard 3Psychology 2  Emerson DRomance Philology 3  Sever 5Semitic 2  Emerson DSocial Ethics 1  Emerson A, JZoology 1  Zool. Lec. Rm.  Pierce 202, 20