That a large majority of the University's athletes of recent years have enlisted their services in some branch of war activity is apparent from figures collected by the University committee on war records. Of all the major and minor sport captains elected from the class of 1917 there is not one who is not now in national service.

The captains graduating last year who are now in the service of the Government include: H. H. Dadmun '17, who registered in the American Ambulance Field Service when the United States declared war, and is at present driving an ambulance in France; G. E. Abbot '17, baseball leader, who was commissioned a first lieutenant at Plattsburg and is now at Camp Devens; J. E. P. Morgan '17, captain of the hockey team for the past two years, who is enrolled in the Naval Reserve; H. B. Cabot, Jr., '17, crew captain, who secured a first lieutenancy at Plattsburg and has already sailed for France; Lieutenant E. A. Teschner '17, track captain and Plattsburg graduate, who is now posted at Ayer.

Minor Sports Also Represented.


Leaders of the minor sport organizations are also in the Federal forces. H. Wentworth '17, who captained the swimming team, is a captain at Camp Grant, Rockford, III.; G. C. Caner '17, regular tackle on the 1916 football team, who was also chosen to lead the tennis team, is in the American Ambulance Field Service; D. Campbell '17, gymnastic team captain, is a member of the aviation corps; while R. C. Cooke '18, soccer leader, is in the Naval Reserve. W. B. Snow '18, elected leader of the wrestling team for both last year and this, has been detailed to the Cadet School for Ensigns.

F. C. Church '20 and N. S. Walker '20, Freshman football and hockey leaders last year, the only major-sport captains elected from the class or 1920, were in the Naval Reserve last summer. Church has been detailed to the School for Ensigns, while Walker has returned to College on leave of absence.


The captains of the class of 1916 have also made a creditable showing. Together with many other University graduates and undergraduates in the American Ambulance is W. J. Bingham '16, who is not only the 1916 track captain, but the holder of the University record for the half-mile. H. L. Nash '16, baseball captain of the same year, is engaged in Y. M. C. A. hut work. D. P. Morgan '16, the crew captain, has enlisted in the Naval Reserve.

E. W. Mahan '16, the football captain and first string University pitcher, is a member of the United States Marine Corps.

G. W. Percy '18 and W. H. Wheeler '18 were the only captains elected for the major sport teams of 1917-1918, and both hold commissions in Federal Service. Wheeler, who was to have been captain of the football team this fall, took the three-months course at Annapolis, and at the close was made an ensign in the Naval Reserve. Percy, hockey captain elect, is now a lieutenant in the Marines.

W. Willcox '17, who was the last man to make his letter in football, track, and baseball, is now in the Aviation Corps. R. Harte '17, who was a regular end on the 1915 and 1916 football teams, and the heaviest hitter on the baseball team for the past two years, is a lieutenant in the Coast Artillery Corps.