First Battalion Especially Invited to Attend Weekly Reception.

The third of the University Teas will be held in the Parlor of Phillips Brooks House this afternoon from 4 until 6 o'clock. All members of the University are cordially invited to attend, and those belonging to the first battalion are especially invited to be present.

The members of the Faculty, instructors, assistants, proctors, and their wives, whose surnames begin with E, F and G, have received special invitations. The following list includes only the professors within that group: G. H. Edgell '09, E. Emerton '71, D. Evans, W. G. Farlow '66, W. W. Fenn '84, W. S. Ferguson, M. L. Fernald '97, R. F. Foerster '06, H. W. Foote '97, G. S. Forbes '02, J. Ford '05, J. D. M. Ford '94, E. F. Gay, C. H. Grandgent '83, L. C. Graton, C. N. Greenough '98, J. M. Gries, C. B. Gulick '90.

President and Mrs. Eliot, President and Mrs. Lowell, Major and Mrs. Flynn and members of the military staff have also been invited to attend.