The 1917-1918 Freshman hockey season starts today with a meeting of all candidates for the seven in the Smith Halls Common Room at 7 o'clock. Managerial candidates are also called out today, and will meet in Randolph 32 at 1.15 o'clock. At the meeting for players R. E. Gross '19 and E. W. Pavenstedt '20 will outline plans for the season, the schedule and facilities for practice.

Gross is one of the three members of last year's University squad who are still in College and he will coach the Freshmen for the first week of practice at least. Every effort is being made, however, to obtain some other suitable man for the position who would not be eligible for informal hockey. Pavenstedt has been appointed to take charge of the managerial competition.

Mr. Schrader, who will be in charge of the athletic class at the Gymnasium in Randolph Court, has offered the 1921 hockey candidates the use of the handball courts during the early part of the afternoons. These will be used regularly for shooting practice as long as there is no opportunity for outdoor work. Work on the ice will be started at the earliest possible moment.

The Charles Bank rink is ready for use as soon as there is ice and progress is being made on another similar rink on Soldiers Field. Nothing can be done in the Stadium until after the football game on Saturday.

The managerial competition will start immediately after the meeting today at 1.15 o'clock. The work includes arranging the details of practice and games for the Freshman and informal teams. Ordinarily, candidates from the Sophomore class compete for the position of second assistant manager of the University seven, but there will be no such opportunity this year, and their work will be taken over by the Freshmen. There are five managerial places to be filled: manager and assistant manager of the Freshman team, and managers of the three dormitory teams.

The managership competitions will be suspended throughout the Christmas vacation, and no candidate will be required to remain in Cambridge during any part of the recess.