With the return of T. C. Thacher '18 to the regular line-up, the University hockey team which will face Princeton tomorrow evening will present the strongest possible front. Thacher scrimmaged in his old position of coverpoint on team A yesterday afternoon and seemed none the worse for his enforced absence. Both he and Captain, Morgan were fast down the rink and displayed much skill carrying the puck.

The practice in the Arena yesterday was chiefly noticeable for the size of the score rolled up by the University squad against the Freshmen. For the first time, although they have been in the Arena before, the 1920 team was sent against the University and scrimmaged for over half an hour. In that time the regulars succeeded in piling up a total of 11 goals and were scored, on but once. Percy was the high score, with three tallies to his credit; Captain Morgan and Condon each shot the puck past Louderback twice, and Baker, Thacher, Townsend and W. Rice scored one goal apiece. Rice's goal was made against Wylde after the latter had displaced Loude-back, but the latter, although he made several fine stops, could not stem the steady rush of the University players which swept the Freshman defence off their feet.

Quite a little combination play was exhibited by the regulars, especially between Percy and the defence men when they skated down the ice. Captain Morgan and Thacher each scored after they had carried the puck down and a short pass to Percy and back had drawn out the goal. Most of the scoring was from close shots and scrimmages, Townsend being the only man to cage the disc on a long shot. Percy's playing was both brilliant and ragged, but after Coach Winsor had showed him that he was passing too hard, he settled down and put up a consistent game.

The Freshmen's lone score was made by Cabot after a pretty pass from Emmons. Besides these two players. Captain Walker and Church showed up well. Church is a good point and a fast skater, but is slow getting started and has a tendency to drop the puck.

Yesterday's practice was the last hard one before the Princeton game. There will be a light drill this afternoon after which the men will rest up so as to be in good condition to meet the Tigers. The game will start promptly as usual at 8.15 o'clock.